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STREAMS, as a set of ideas, is very much based on professional ideas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

STREAMS believes that STEM competence is the key to a successful and prosperous economy in the modern technology-rich, globally-connected world. STREAMS believes that the study of the STEM subjects can lead to a successful, fruitful and personally empowering career and highly rewarding work for individuals. STREAMS also assumes that the intelligent, sustainable and sensitive application of STEM competence can lead to improved quality of life and wellbeing for people not only in the local economy but for the whole of humanity and other species on the planet.

As such STREAMS actively supports the teaching and promotion of STEM subjects in UK schools and some of the STREAMS authors are also STEM ambassadors.

More information on the UK STEM initiative may be found here STEM Learning. STREAMS readers who would like to become STEM ambassadors - or otherwise contribute to the promotion of STEM subjects in UK schools or society generally - can find more information here: The STEM Network.