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Russell Ackoff

Ackoff, Russell L. (1919-2009) - Former Professor of Management Science at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, author of the Management f-Laws and well known Systems Thinker.

W. Ross Ashby

Chris Argyris

Gregory Bateson

Roy Bhaskar

Bhaskar, R. - A non-mainstream philosopher and founder of [Critical Realism], author of "A Realist Theory of Science", and World Scholar at the London University Institutue of Education.

Stafford Beer

Beer, A.S. (1926-2002) was a professor at Manchester Business School (University of Manchester, UK) and one of the leading figures in British Operational Research - the more holistic UK counterpart of the US "Operations Research". He is also regarded as the founder of the Management Cybernetics tradition in Systems Thinking and creator of the Viable Systems Model. He was also director of the company he founded: SIGMA - Science In General MAnagement - Ltd. - the first substantial Operational Research consultancy company in the UK. He was also the author of "The Brain Of The Firm".

Mario Bunge

Ludwig Von Bertalanffy

Kenneth Boulding

Peter Checkland

(1930- - )

C. West Churchman

Churchman, C. West - Former professor of Business Administration at the University of California at Berkeley and founder of the [US] Institute of Operations Research and Management Science, co-author of "Introduction to Operations Research".

Jay Forrester

Forrester, J.W. (1918-2016) was a Systems Engineer and emeritus professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He was commissioned to investigate supply-chain instability and described the "bullwhip effect" which was understood by applying the principles and knowledge of Systems Engineering to what was an organisational / management problem. His book "Industrial Dynamics" marked the start of the System Dynamics tradition in Systems Thinking.

Joyce Fortune

Jurgen Habermas

David Hume

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is emeritus professor of Management Systems at the University of Hull. His Hull university profile page is here. He also has a page in wikipedia here.

John Kotter

Kurt Lewin

Humberto Maturana

Margaret Mead

Donella Meadows

Gerald Midgley

Author of a number of texts on Systems Thinking including Systems Thinking Vols. I - IV, Professor of Systems Thinking and Director, Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull. His university profile page is here.

John Mingers

John Mingers is Professor of Operational Research and Systems and the University of Kent. His profile is here.

George Mitchell

Mitchell, G. - Former president of the Operational Research Society and author of "The Practice of Operational Research".

Richard Ormerod

Richard Ormerod is well-known in the Operational Research community and is an emritus professor at the University of Warwick. His University of Warwick profile page is here. He can be found on LinkedIn here.

Geoff Peters

Ilya Prigogine

Karl Popper

Popper, Karl, R. - One of the greatest philosophers of the Twentieth Century and author of "Logik der Forschung" translated as "The Logic of Scientific Discovery", "Conjectures and Refutations", and "Objective Knowledge".

Jeanne Ross

Donald Schön

Peter Senge

Stephen Spewak

Eric Trist

Werner Ulrich

Francisco Varela

Geoffrey Vickers


Sir Geoffry Vickers Lawyer, administrator and pioneering Systems Thinker. Vickers is credited with the establishment of social systems thinking and the development of the Appreciative Systems model - ie the application of Systems Thinking to social systems and the influence of cognition and judgment in such systems.

Max Weber

Peter Weill

Norbert Wiener

Brian Wilson

John Zachman


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