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(Sir) Karl Popper

Karl Popper was one of the greatest philosophers of the Twentieth Century. He is arguably best known for his Philosophy of Science - which is founded on Falsificationism - the idea that the theories of sciences are not in any sense "confirmed" (proved to be "true" - Verificationism) but rather falsified during their proving. But he is also known for his championing of Realism in Ontology and Fallibilism in Epistemology.

His entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is here: Popper His entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is here: Popper ...

...and here is the Wikipedia entry: Karl Popper.

Here is what Stephen J. Gould chooses to quote about Falsificationism: Science as Falsification and many of his works, including "Conjectures and Refutations" are discussed on [ The Karl Popper Web]

STREAMS takes from Karl Popper not only his Realism but specifically his "Three Worlds" Ontology, Epistemic Fallibilism - and much of his Philosophy of Science.