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A Confluence of Ideas and Thinking

Ref> Mingers, Coherency Mangement, Laszlo's Evolutionary Management....

...confluence around the development of models and their use in analysis of possibilities and scenarios.

Driven by the growth in power of the IT - allows for larger, more complex and details models of Complex Systems of Systems - including the ICASOSs known as "Enterprises".

Allows enterprise's and organisation's management to do "experiments" and perform "what-if" analyses on their enterprises and organisations without having to actually do it "in the real-world". Hence enables a more engineering-like approach to organisation and enterprise management where ideas can be tested on the model before massive amounts of resources are committed (and the prospects of the organisation/enterprise damaged by commitment to an inadvisable course of action or infeasible idea).

Enables the increase in effectiveness and a significant increase in efficiency - by having more rational and less 'political' ideas guiding the enterprise's development and systematically checking its adaptation to the environment and pursuit of strategy. Also enables the removal of layers of management whose job is merely communication and coordination and their replacement by machines - the automation of managerial work.