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Enterprise Engineering is an emerging discipline that seeks to take an engineering approach to the design and evolution of enterprises. Hitherto most enterprise have been subject to an haphazard, experimental, organic form of emergence and development and have been, at best, built using an heuristic, craft-like approach. This is akin to the way the first aeroplanes and automotives were built in the early decades of the twentieth century.

 "... a major problem facing modern science is the development of a theory for 
 addressing organized complexity. Enterprise engineering aims to comprehend 
 enterprise complexity - and thereby master it - and can be seen as a developing 
 discipline - domain of knowledge, concepts, theory and associated methodology - 
 for analyzing, designing and creating enterprises. ... Enterprise Engineering 
 intends to address the design perspective in a formal, methodological way. Two 
 important concepts underpin enterprise engineering: 
                 Enterprise Ontology and Enterprise Architecture."

Jan Hoogervorst in "Enterprise Governance and Enterprise Engineering"

  "Enterprise Engineering is an integrated set of disciplines for building or 
  changing an enterprise, its processes, and systems.
  A new type of professional is emerging - the enterprise engineer."

James Martin in "The Great Transition: Using the Seven Principles of Enterprise Engineering to Align People Technology and Strategy" What Hoogervorst and Martin suggest is that a more methodological approach based on the application of scientific knowledge will be the future of enterprise design and building - or 'refurbishment'. From the Hoogervorst point of view Enterprise Engineering is founded on and the logical successor to Enterprise Architecture. It may be observed that even if Enterprise Architecture is conceived as solely and analytical, modelling discipline - and not one used to guide real-world change in the enterprise - it nonetheless requires some 'ontological commitment' - about what there is in an enterprise to model. Hence even without a well-founded theory of Ontology Enterprise Architecture already incorporates some implicit enterprise ontology - and often it is explicit through the epistemic modelling conventions. In real-world practice Real Enterprise Architecture - even if practiced by novices - is well on the way to becoming Enterprise Engineering.


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