PESTLE Checklist

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The PESTLE Checklist

The PESTLE checklist (also known as PESTEL and LEPEST) is a checklist of (categories of) "exogenous factors" used in Systems Thinking, Real Enterprise Architecture and Management Science. It is used in Strategic Management as a checklist for the External Analysis part of a SWOT Analysis during strategy formulation - see, for example David, chapter 4 or Ward & Peppard, chapter 2.. It is used in a similar fashion in Scenario Planning to identify and delineate exogenous strategic changes that help to identify and describe the different scenarios. The checklist is incorporated into the ARIES Framework of Real Enterprise Architecture where is is the basis of a method to examine and method the external environment. In Systems Thinking it provides the taxonomy of the (non-physical) external influences crossing the boundary between system (or system-of-systems known as an enterprise) and the environment (or system context).


This refers to the political factors in the environment that may influence the system or its behaviour. This politics in the broad sense referring to interest groups in society that may have differing, conflicting aims and objectives and engage in competitive rhetoric and public promotion in pursuit of those aims.