Management Science

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Defining "Management Science"

In STREAMS Management Science is a discipline, together with its content, for a community that shares the belief that the methods, techniques and approaches of Science (or Engineering) can and should be applied to the management of enterprises; including their development. Historically Management Science was closely associated with Operational Research and can be traced back to the work of C. West Churchman

Management Science and Decision-Making

Management Science and Operational Research

Management Science and Enterprise Engineering

Frameworks, Methodologies, Methods and Techniques of Management Science

Foundational Mathematical Methods and Techniques


Matrix Algebra

Linear Equations, Progressions and Series

Differential and Integral Calculus



Expectation Values

Operations Planning and Operational Research Methods and Techniques

Cost, Volume and Profit (CVP) Analysis

Decision Theory

Queueing Theory

Replacement Theory

Stocks and Flows Control

Supply Chain / Network Management

Network Analysis

Linear programming

Games Theory

Decision-Making, Risk and Uncertainty

Risk Management

Robustness Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Real Options Analysis and Planning


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