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Index of Authors (and Editors)

Ackoff, Russell L. - Co-author of "Introduction to Operations Research", former Professor of Management Science at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, author of the Management f-Laws and well known Systems Thinker.

Bhaskar, R. - Author of "A Realist Theory of Science", a non-mainstream philosopher and founder of [Critical Realism], and World Scholar at the London University Institutue of Education.

Churchman, C. West - Co-author of "Introduction to Operations Research", former Professor of Business Administration at the University of California at Berkeley and founder of the [US] Institute of Operations Research and Management Science

Mitchell, George - Author of "The Practice of Operational Research" and former president of the Operational Research Society

Popper, Karl, R. - One of the greatest philosophers of the Twentieth Century and author of "Logik der Forschung" translated as "The Logic of Scientific Discovery".


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